January 28, 2017

Module 1 Winston the Book Wolf

Book Cover:

APA Reference of Book:
McGee, M., & Beck, I. (2006). Winston the book wolf. New York: Walker.

Book Summary:
Winston likes to eat words and isn't allowed into the library because he destroys it. Rosie (little red riding hood) shows him how to read. Once he learns he disguises himself as Granny and gets inside without any problems. He becomes the story lady and reads to the children without destroying the books or library.

The story was cute and included different fairy tale characters sprinkled through out the book. Text was used in mini boxs that were "bitten" and some curved around the pages. However the same font was used throughout even the bold and separated interesting words. The pictures were cartoony with a grainy or block printing look about them. While I liked the idea that Winston loved to eat words and learns to read,  I didn't like that he wasn't allowed in the library and had to trick them to get in. So I am torn about whether I liked it enough to use it again. I do think that it redeems itself a little bit when it talks about reading the books rather than eating them. It does have a few good words for vocabulary.

Professional Review:

Some wolves like to eat little pigs; some have a penchant for grannies, but Winston can't get enough of words. Banned from the library for literally devouring books (the paper-over-board book's cover has a bite-size die-cut hole), he's taken under the wing of Rosie, who just happens to sport a red-hooded sweatshirt. She tutors him in a more socially acceptable and personally fulfilling approach to savoring words. ""Winston caught on fast. He learned to eat words with his eyes, which is to say: Winston learned to read!"" With that mission accomplished, Rosie and Winston next conspire to get him back into the library-and with the help of some of Grandma's clothes and a natural flair for drag, Winston soon draws record crowds as the Story Lady. ""If anyone noticed the sharp, white teeth, no one complained,"" McGee says with a wink. The text may be wordy, but Beck's (Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs) illustrations exude a breezy, contemporary feel, from his delicate ink lines and washes of cheery color t

Winston the Book Wolf. (2006, August, 7). Publishers Weekly [Book Review]. Retrieved from http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-8027-9569-4

Library Uses: 
For grades kinder through fifth grade readers I would have a display wall of words that are great words that Winston may have eaten that students have found in their books that they are reading. I would put out index cards and crayons or pencils for them to write the word on and their name. Then either they would post them or I would provide a box to put them in to have an adult or help put up.

My Rating:  ***

Library Degree

I am going back to school for my Masters in Library Science. One of my classes requires me to post reviews of books. Since I already had a book blog I revamped it with a pretty new look and updated some other tech stuff.

I hope to keep posting book reviews and other book related stuff after the class since I plan to be a Librarian and can use this site for my new library OR for getting a library job!

Stay tuned!