June 30, 2010


Last night stayed up late surfing blogs I read for contests. I entered about 10 so hopefully I can win something!

June 28, 2010

13 to Life by Shannon Delaney

Looking forward to this book for a while. It seems to take a different look at werewolves. Hoping to win the contest at Dark Faeries Tales.

Hunger Contest

One of my fav blogs is hosting a contest for Hunger by Jackie Kessler. I haven't read anything by her before (at least I don't think) and this will be her first YA book since she normally writes adult paranormals (at least I think maybe paranormal romance). It is an interesting twist on the apocalypse with the main character being one for the four horsemen in this case......you guessed it Hunger.
Check out La Femme Reader for this contest and more!

June 24, 2010

Still under construction!

Well I have been tinkering away and getting more understanding of how to layout my blog. I am now trying to decide what exactly to have on the main page on what to have on the static pages. This should keep me busy for awhile LOL.

June 22, 2010


I am soooo frustrated! I have been doing this all day and have lost my work by not saving the template the last time!!!!! I will redo it tomorrow and change to a 2 column template instead and make static pages for stuff that doesn't need to be seen every day. Boy if I wasn't at least a little bit techno savvy I would have said the BLEEP with it and given up by now. Now I know why people just choose a template and just add their stuff LOL. I WILL PREVAIL! Stay tuned.

Testing... Testing...123

Another test to see if my signature works! I am trying it by adding it in the post template under settings.